Bonifa (wonderfalling) wrote in kill_the_pope,

old sex story about the pope

The Pope walks in, holding his bottle of hard liquor and viagra. He's wearing his black sexy lace nightgown, OH how I love to see it draped down his small man-breasts and touch against his wrinkly, soft skin. I grabed him by his deflated skin, which muscle use to once bulge out. Under is sexy black lace nighgown, was a leather thong, that made me whimper with excitment. I sucked on his sagging turkey neck. He wimpers quietly, OH YEAH BABY, GIVE IT TOO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And I gave it too him, feeling his soft, yet wrinkly skin againest mines. The Pope says WHITE POWER! THE END

by: _amaia
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story stealer
i'll fix it
oh baby it's hott


April 7 2005, 08:49:51 UTC 12 years ago

u r all sick bastards!!!!!
UR QUEENS NEXT.....then wel all have a gd laugh!!!!!!
We're in America kthnx
I don't understand why you must hate everything. I bet some where in your blood line there is a black man, that had his way with your Great-Great Grandmother