Lucy (loo) wrote in kill_the_pope,

At least he didn't have to worry about some chick giving him the clap.

I just thought of something.

The pope never...not once in his 84 laid, got blown, went down on a biscuit, took a hand-job, tossed the salad, fingered some chick's chute - nothing. No action. Zip.

I think about greasing a notch about 10 x 3716 times a day, and frankly, I get pretty sour if I go too long without getting any. This guy, though...not once. Shit, he's not even supposed to think about it.

All the while, he seemed like he was in a pretty good mood (well, with the exception of having a tube stuck in his neck there at the end).

Amazing. Hats off to the Pope, man.
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